Windows V3 Beta and V2

So I am beginning a new project and wanted to give version 3 a try. My issue is I have multiple PC’s and when I went to install the original V2 and Sync it with the beta it said No dice not compatible. So here comes my question…If the beta ends on March 31st is my work then locked away until the newest version comes out? Can it be exported back to original V2?

First, the Scrivener for Windows version 3 is still in very rough beta stages (I would actually call it an alpha since major sections of functionality are not in place yet, but I am an IT oldtimer so what do I know, darn you meddling kids, and stay off my lawn). It’s not really recommended yet to put data you care about through it without really good backups AND the willingness to recover from those backups if something goes sideways.

Second, if you have Scrivener 3 for Mac, you have the ability to take a v3 project and export it back to a v2 project. As far as I know, however, that capability does not yet exist purely in the Windows 3 beta, so that’s ANOTHER good reason to tinker with the Windows 3 beta with a project that is not important or that you are willing to re-constitute later from raw RTF files.