Windows v3: Show where search terms occur in documents with a colored indicator in the scroll bar area

Can you guys implement this feature into the Windows v3 of Scrivener? I’m referring to something similar to the display of a yellow colored indicator in the scroll bar area when you search for a word on a web page in the chrome browser. Thanks.

Master Yoda this might say:

  • “Nice small improvement this could be!”

But to be honest, a really fast scroll in more than enough, since the highlight is so easy to catch! Still, if the people at Scrivener can add that, I’m all FOR it.

But what if you are viewing a very long scene or subjection? Rather than blindly scrolling the document from top to bottom for search terms that are found and highlighted, it would be more productive to have a visual indicator in the scroll bar area as to where the search hits occur. This way, you can scroll quickly to the exact spot where the matches occur.

True. On a long text, it would be really useful!