Windows V3: Table Editor Parity with Mac Version

It would be nice since we’re all on V3 if the Windows editor had the same cell controls as the Mac version. The Windows menu for cell formatting seems to lack some key formatting features available on the Mac. Right now, it does not appear there is a way to set whether text appears at the top, bottom or middle of a table cell like in the Mac version. The workaround (or at least the one I’ve ended up using after searching for table cell controls) is to cut 'n paste the table into MS-Word, edit the table to suit, and cut 'n paste back to Scrivener (clumsy but effective.)

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My guess is this is due to differences in the Mac vs Windows QT development frameworks. If this is the case, it’s unlikely we’ll see full parity. My recollection is that table formatting in Windows Scriv v1 was similarly limited.

Thanks for sharing that tip, I would never have thought to try it!