Windows V3 Trial Question

So I have been on the fence about purchasing this program. I watched a lot of tutorials and really struggled to get a grasp on things as most video tutorials are of the Mac version. I can see why they sing the praises of the program, but I am quickly realizing what I have isn’t what they have.

I have searched for a way for me to try the V3 beta before I make the decision to buy the program, but it appears I will have to purchase it to even see if I’d like the beta edition, which seems counter intuitive. If I had to make the decision based on the 1.9v, I would rather pay 9.99 a month for Windows just so I do not crane my neck down to the bottom of my screen to see what I am writing. Everything else about the program seems well and good, but the fact that I have no page view is causing me literal pain.

Is there a way for me to test out the beta without paying first? And if not, does anyone know if the Page View feature in the beta is functional enough to resolve this issue? I just want good posture while I write. Why this is reserved for Mac OS, and has been for many years it seems, is completely beyond me. It’s a good way to lose customers.

There is no requirement to buy in order to evaluate.

The download for the free version 3 beta is available in the first posting in the Scrivener for Windows / Beta Testing (Windows) subforum:
Scrivener 3.0 Beta - Release Candidate 11 (Download Links & Change List)

The download for the free evaluation 1.9 production Windows version (there is no version 2 production, will skip to version 3) is here:

Both are full featured, but time limited. The v3 beta is time limited to assure those trying it update to subsequent versions of the beta. The v1.9 product evaluation is time limited to 30 days (don’t have to be consecutive days), after which one must purchase if wish to convert it to licensed version and continue its use.