Windows version .35 closes when getting Project Statustics

I’m using Scrivener .35 and when I went to the Project drop-down list and selected Project Statustics for a document word count - the pop-up box showed, but the main screen faded to white and after a minute or so Scrivener closed. I’m using windows 7 starter (on a netbook) and the operating system’s error message box popped up wanting to send the error to Microsoft. (I selected cancel.)

I looked for the crashreports folder and found it empty.

I had been using the previous versions with this manuscript, but when I intalled this new version I deleted the whole scrivener directory after uninstalling the previous version. Could there have been saved data I may have deleted that would cause this error? Or have others reported this?


Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for the report. Someone else just reported this as well. Are you seeing this in all your projects or just larger ones (with a longer Draft)? Deleting the directory wouldn’t have caused this, no; that was fine. But there is obviously a bug somewhere that we want to track down.

Oddly enough, it works in another project, just not the current work-in-progress. I have a habit of leaving the project loaded without closing it when I exit schivener. Although I save before exiting.
The current work is the only one I’ve used both in 35 and 29. The other one was well before version 29.


I have more info … related to the initial problem. First, it’s not the size of the project. It compiled clean and was a larger project, not to mention the Project Statistics worked too.

The project that did crash on the project stats also crashed on the compile. I noticed the compile pop-up was different. The compile window that crashed was the large custom screen with checks to include (or not) for chapters and scenes. Plus custom separators and metadate for title, author …etc. Even though I selected Novel Standard Manuscript Format and RTF.

The one that compiled correctly was the smaller window - even though it had custom as the “Format as” and the compile for RTF. I changed the Format as to Novel Standard Manuscript Format and it compiled without crashing.

The only thing I can think of is the draft that failed was the default draft. It might have something to do with how the software handles the default draft or It could be the default draft when changing versions. Or why did the projects use a different window for compiling? Maybe the software is saving too many of the software settings in the Project file instead of it’s own global settings file that would be standard with any project.

I hope this helps.


Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for the extra info. Lee’s been looking into this and thinks he’s got it fixed (a problem related to compiling empty documents–project stats are related to compile), so we should have this corrected for the next update.

As far as the difference in the compile windows, new projects will first show the compact compile sheet, so even if you had expanded it on one project, the first time you open compile in another project it will still be the smaller sheet.