Windows version slowing down when saving to SD card

I’m having a strange problem with the registered versions 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 of Scrivener. When my files are located on an SD card, Scrivener blocks everthing for 5-10 seconds when it’s writing to those files (sometimes to a point where the whole system stalls). Since Scrivener saves frequently, this is obviously a huge problem. I’m on Windows 7, 64 bit - I’m not having the problem in Linux (SD-Card), and I don’t have the problem either when I store the Scrivener files on the HD under Windows. I also FAIRLY sure I didn’t have issues under Windows with previous Scrivener BETA versions, although I can’t absolutely guarantee that. Finally, since I’m on the road, I currently don’t have the option to test a differrent SD card.

Any help/feedback/shared experience highly appreciated!

Well, the easiest thing to do is only ever work off of hard drives. We don’t recommend working off of an SD card, as they are quite slow, and this will dramatically shorten its lifespan (the cells it uses to write data die a little each time you use them). If you absolutely must use an SD card though, bump your auto-save interval up a bit in the General options tab. This is a resting idle timer, not a periodic timer, so you don’t need to move it much to make a big difference. Ten seconds means you have to be staring out the window for at least ten seconds before it will save.

Just to update this - luckily the issue only occurs with a very old 64MB Kingston card. With two newer cards (Transcend 10x and even Transcend 4x) it is lightning fast and no problem whatsoever.

Wow, that is old. :slight_smile: I’m surprised it still works at all.