Windows version sucks!

OK, I don’t know what were you people smoking, but the windoze version is a dud, or to be more precise, crippleware. I am SO sick and tired of going all over the internet looking at the wonderful functions that Scrivener has, ONLY to discover that ALL those features are for MAC!!! and are NOT available in the Windoze version. I mean, I don’t know exactly who or what is going on, but most definitively trying to play catch-up with the Mac version is plain stupid.
There should be a direct port from the latest Mac version into Windows.
Until such time, I won’t spend a dime on ANY disgusting, retarded, stinking windoze version. :angry:

Good, you’d be following the same availability schedule that you would have if we waiting years and years to publish it without feeding anyone that was working on it. Sounds like you’re adopting the approach you desire. Meanwhile those that are not as concerned about who has the most flashiest ribbons and badges can go on getting work done right now. See you in while!

Or you could but a laptop that supports the version you want.

I don’t see how you can complain about not having a BMW trim package in for your Chevy. You get what fits your Chevy. You want a BMW, go buy a BMW.

Not so while.
First off, I’ve been in the “IT” business for 20 or so years, so, believe it or not, I do know what I am talking about.
Secondly, a direct port is not that hard, provided the original programmer had a modicum of foresight and programmed in a portable language, instead on the 'flavor of the week" of whatever the ''gut" feeling of the moment was.
Thirdly, coding for Mac is more-or-less a dead end, considering that the entire universe is using Windows. Now, to be clear, I positively hate Windows. However, that is not to say that I don’t bow to reality.
Fourthly, if you are so concerned about economic issues, then it should have been coded for Windows first!
Lastly, the usability of the program is poor (in that it is not intuitive - for example having options nested inside of options which are… you guessed it… nested inside of options is just plain dumb). And don’t get me started with the manual. BTW, who wrote that thing??? You do understand that regular people read manuals right? Not programmers, right?
Oh… oh… oh… I almost forgot… it totally make sense not to fix the windoze version and spend time on a … drums… Linux!!! version so that the rest of the negligible 1% of PC users that use Linux and don’t use Windows nor Mac and write books and publish those books in electronic fashion… and… and… and… have yet another crippled, pseudo-WYSIWYG editor. Yeah… it totally make sense… silly me.

Sure, no problem, when can I expect your personal check?
You are kidding, right?
Do you actually believe that I am in the business of writing books because I feel like it? Because is my higher call? Of course! The heck with my family! They can fence for themselves!
Yeah… what a relief!!! thank you, thank you, thank you. Will stop paying my mortgage right away, and just drop by the supermarket where they will just give me all the food I need for free!!
Taxes??? What’s that???
Clothing… well… we have the Salvation Army, and, after that, well… there are some pretty good potato bags I have seen around. No need to waste good fabric!
WOOHOOO!!! thank you, thank you, thank you, for your incredible insight!!

And as to the whole BMW / Chevy you are kidding, right?
A fair comparison would be a Toyota Tercel 1990 to a Ford 2000. Neither is in a great state, however, I have to admit that the Toyota looked good 20 years ago.

Who the heck is talking about bells and whistles? I am talking about lacking basic formatting issues that the Mac has.

And here is a free tidbit (I should really charge for this): Scrivener should be geared towards the e-book market. That’s where the money is. The print is dead. Any moron can use Word to publish for CS for example, but formatting for e-books is an entire different story.

And will go one further. For e-books, the very same features that the Windoze version is lacking are critical… so much for shooting themselves in the foot!

Over and out.

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I’m locking this thread as it serves no productive purpose. If you’d like to discuss the software, you’re welcome to start a new thread that isn’t centred around bashing our programs. Criticism is fine, we’re more than happy to discuss every facet of the program. But we’re not going to get into a shouting match over what is “retarded” or not. Thanks.