Windows version unable to open Mac projects.

I have the latest versions for Mac 2.4.1 and have just purchased the latest windows version. The only reason for doing this is the cross-platform compatibility as advertised on the Literature and Latte site.

I have paid for the windows version and expect it to work as advertised. Unfortunately, it does not.

I have tried two separate windows machine installations (one with Vista, one with XP). Both with the same results. My project created on the Mac just is not opened - nothing happens - period. I have tried opening from a network drive and from a usb drive (both containing all the project files) - nothing happens. I have tried using the scrivx file as described in other posts. Nothing.

So my question is, why does this not work as advertised. Have I wasted my money on yet another piece of software that does not work as advertised.

Before anyone gets upset, I do not have an attitude - I just expect something to work as described when I have paid good money for it.

Hopefully someone from Literature and Latte can solve this for me.



Not a Lit & Lat employee, but I have a few thoughts. If none of them are helpful, then try describing step-by step what you are doing, naming each menu item and file name that you are interacting with. What are you seeing, and how is it differing from what you expect? That kind of thing.

On Windows, are you navigating into the .scriv folder and double-clicking on the .scrivx file? From within Scrivener for Windows, are you navigating into the .scriv folder and selecting the .scrivx file for opening?

This is something that everyone who uses Scrivener on both Mac and Windows does regularly, without issue, so it definitely works as advertised.

What happens if, instead of trying to open the scrivx file by double-clicking, you try to open it from Scrivener’s opening splash screen where you have the option of selecting a template, recent projects, etc.?


Tried both of the above - nothing happens.


I saw from your post in another thread that you have already looked for conflicted files or extra copies of the files within the project (mainly this would be two versions of a .scrivx file)M which is the usual cause. Given none of these diagnostic steps are revealing the problem, it might be easiest to send a zipped copy of the project to AT literatureandlatte DOT com so we can take a look at the file contents of the project package directly and try some tests to see why this isn’t working for you as it should. Thanks!

I am having this same issue. Trying to open the Scrivener file on Scrivener for Windows from a file I worked on in Scrivener for Mac, and it’s not opening. Nothing happens. It just doesn’t open :frowning:

I am having exactly the same problem. I am a Mac user, but forced to migrate temporary on win because my mac is having some hardware issues. I need to work on my project, but I am unable to open it with the trial windows version.

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I have no problem opening them.
This may not work for everyone but I merely delete the __MACOSX folder then make sure the projects suffix is scrivx and go for it.

Ok, everything works fine now. There were two .scrivx files inside the folder. I was assuming they didn’t conflict with each other because they had two different names. I made a try moving one of them out of the folder and opening the other: it worked.
Now, when I come back to the mac version do I need to ripristinate the conflicting .scrivx file?

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I only have one .scrivx file in the random sample of my own projects, most if not all of which have been opened on both platforms. So I wouldn’t advise putting the other one back. Note that the .scrivx file is an index of all the contents of your binder (and probably document notes, references, etc…). If you swap out the wrong .scrivx file, then it will appear as if files are missing, but when you create new documents, they will appear to have the missing data (but not the name or their original position in the binder).

When a Mac version of Scrivener gets hold of a project, it renames “project.scrivx” to [name of project].scrivx, which works just fine when you open it in the Windows version. Did you see both of these .scrivx files? Was one of them a “conflicted” file (often created when a Dropbox or other syncing software has a conflict)?

Yes, I found two .scrivx file inside the folder. One of them had the correct name (which was the name I gave to the project on the mac) the other one had the name of a chapter of the project (strange thing, right?). Anyway, I removed this second file from the folder and everything worked fine. Indeed, I use to keep the project on a Dropbox folder, so maybe this is the cause of my problem.
I will follow your advice not to put to wrong file back.
Thank you!