Windows Version won't open my file

Were moving from Macs to Windows. I have a file that was created and opens on a mac, but refuses to open in my windows version of Scrivenor. The Windows version opens other Mac version docs OK. Any idea what the problem is

Was the mac one created with the version of Scrivener prior to 2.0? If so, you’ll need to open the project in the 2.0 version of the Mac client, save it, and then open it in the Windows version.

Assuming it’s a 2.x Mac project, make sure you have a backup, then open it up and take a look for any duplicate files. These often occur as a result of a sync glitch when using Dropbox or such, and it can cause the Windows version to be unable to open the project. Remove the older copy of any duplicates, ensuring the name of the remaining one doesn’t have any text appended (e.g. if you have “21_conflicted copy.rtf”, you want it to just be “21.rtf”), then try opening the project again. You can then go through and open any of the removed text files in another word processor or import them into the project to check their contents in case there’s anything you need to copy out–if they’re the result of a sync conflict, you may have ended up with two copies each containing different changes you made.

Thanks, I cant see any duplicates in the file structure. Ive done a “save as” from the mac to a new file. Copied this across to my Windows machine but it refuses to open. It goes through the motions and I get a twirly thing for a moment then nothing. Uninstalled Scrivenor and reinstalled. No Joy :frowning:

Since its opening other projects without a problem, I don’t expect this to be an issue with the Scrivener installation, just with the specific project. If you’re willing, you can send a zipped copy to AT literatureandlatte DOT com with a reference to this thread and we can take a look.


I’m also having this issue 2 years after your post. Did you manage to resolve it? I work off a Mac and PC and the PC won’t open the the project I’m working on in the Mac. I’ve tried the suggestions on this thread. Help please.

Does the project contain multiple project files (the file with the yellow Scrivener icon directly inside the .scriv folder)? They may have different names, but having multiple in the project can prevent Scrivener on Windows opening it correctly. If you see this, check the modified date on them and remove all but the most recent. (You can just move them to somewhere outside the project rather than deleting them outright, but if it’s much older it’s likely you’ve been working from the other copy for so long there’s nothing you’d need or want from the older version.)

You didn’t mention how you’re transferring the project from Mac to PC. Dropbox? Google Drive? USB? Do you zip the project first?