Windows Version?

WISH: Scrivener for Windows

I have heard that a Windows version of Scrivener may be in the works. Anyone have any information about this?




We have nothing official to report on this at the moment, but as Mark has pointed out, you can sign up to the newsletter to be notified as soon as we do have any news.
Thanks for your interest,

Thank you, Keith. I have signed up as you suggested and will be eagerly watching for any news. :slight_smile:


On The Cellar Door blog, Keith wrote:

(A note to Windows users, though: you might want to wait for the original [Scrivener] rather than going for the clones…)


The bracketed “Scrivener” is my insertion.
I could be misreading this, but it sounds like a Windows version is more than a consideration.


(See end of 7th paragraph)

I can neither confirm nor deny. :slight_smile:

Maybe I should hold off looking for a used Mac for just a bit longer . . . :open_mouth:

You can tell us. We won’t tell anyone.

I’m running Scrivener on two G4 400 MHz PowerPCs and an iMac5,1 under OS 10.4.11. Scrivener runs fine on the G4s though 10.4.11 tends to drag its feet. Anyway, you might be able to set up a Scrivener machine for fairly little money if you don’t mind an older, slower machine. However, I don’t know what the system requirements will be for Scrivener v. 2.0. I wouldn’t attempt to run 10.5 on the old G4s.

When the PC version of Scrivener is released, I’ll run both a PC and Mac version. :slight_smile:


It is difficult to say this without a degree of speculation, for I have not purchased very old Macs in order to test Scrivener 2.0 on them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the performance is at least equal to if not better than 1.0. This would most definitely be the case on newer machines. Anything running Leopard or greater will see a performance boost, especially with large projects. A big part of 2.0 has been optimising the code to make the various text and visualisation tools even more efficient. Some of this will probably be less noticeable on older machines running obsolete operating systems, because part of the slowdowns were Apple’s fault. Certain areas of the operating system have become progressively less efficient as time has gone by. At any rate, Scrivener has always been coded with the “budget” machine in mind (an old iBook G3, I think, was the original low-end test bed. Might have been a G4, though). It’s all business, and handles large amounts of text much better than most systems.

Thanks for posting the information regarding v. 2 of Scrivener. It’s very encouraging to learn v. 2 should continue to run on older Macs.

I forgot to include my 400 MHz G3 Pismo laptop running 10.4 (connected to an external monitor) to list of Macs I’ve successfully run Scrivener on. (“Successfully run” means that type appears on the screen without lag, no crashes, and switching among documents in binder view is fairly fast.) I should note that my projects contain only text, so the project files are fairly small.

The old Mac stuff aside, I’d love to see a Windows version of Scrivener.