Wine - keyboard mapping problem under KDE Plasma

Strange behavior here: Trying to find an alternative to Ubuntu Unity, I installed Kubuntu with the following configuration:
kubuntu 17.04
KDE Plasma 5.10.2
KDE Framework 5.35.0
Qt Version: 5.7.1
Kernel: 4.10.0-28-generic
wine 2.12

The language setup is the following: fr_CA.UTF-8

When I launch Scrivener, everything seems fine, except it doesn’t recognize the keyboard correctly. When I press the key corresponding to “e” acute, it produce the right character “é”. Keying the combination of “grave” accent and “a” produce also a good “à”. After that, if I key the combination of “grave” and the letter “e”, it continues to produce (falsely) the character “à”. Same thing with the circumflex accent. A combination of this accent and “a” character produce also (wrongly) the letter “à”.

I know this could seems a very narrow problem affecting a very small community trying to use Scrivener on a distribution running KDE Plasma, but since this bug is the only thing preventing me to make the switch to Kubuntu, I felt responsible to report it…

Please note that I observed the same behavior with Linux Mint 18 (KDE Plasma version) and the problem is not present under Ubuntu 16.04 (UNITY version).

Also, it could be of some interest to know that the keyboard mapping problem only affect Scrivener in that configuration. Other windows programs respond correctly as for the language setup.

Thanks for any help you may provide