WinScri - Checking Daily?

Anyone else find themselves checking the forums daily? Just in case KB might get silly and release the beta a few days early?

Well, I sure am! Though not my only reason of course, enjoying seeing new folks coming here and the general level of excitement about the upcoming WinScri beta and the release of MacScri 2.0 - exciting times!

Nope just you.

Some of us cough are mentally counting down the days… Trying to limit the public squee for my twitter/facebook followers so that they don’t get too annoyed :wink:

It actually feels more exciting than waiting for Christmas! As members of this forum may testify Scrivener for Windows is a big dream come true! looks sheepishly at DJ

Haha, well I am limiting the blog posts/FB/Twitter updates till beta release day.

It is a lot like Christmas - been waiting a long time too :slight_smile:

I’m new here and YES, I’ve been waiting for WinScri… well, since I heard about Scrivener to begin with. I would have probably bought a Mac at some point just to use it. :slight_smile:


You can not use the creation of Win Scriv as an excuse to not buy a Mac!


But they’re so expensive! And the only real reason I would want a MacBook Pro (the 17" model) is BECAUSE of Scrivener :slight_smile:

Of course, if I had any brains (and programming knowledge) whatsoever, I would get on board and figure out how to use my Gateway Tablet PC with WinScriv :slight_smile: Microsoft’s One Note is awesome, but… :slight_smile:

Actually, if you compare TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) which includes things like anti virus subscriptions, software costs, point to point HW comparison (make sure you are really comparing the SAME specs) you will find that a Mac is significantly cheaper than a Windows based OS.

There is no question that you can get a base winblows systems much cheaper, but it is nothing like a base Mac (2.6 Core2 Duo. 4GB RAM, 360G HD, 1080P with dual head support, etc etc). We won’t even get into the ability to run OSX and winblows on one box).

And yes, I really dislike Microsoft. Just the way it is.


While overall I agree with your sentiments re Mac OS vs. Windows, there are still a couple of advantages to Windows:

  1. Netbooks are more useful (in my opinion) than the iPad and smaller and lighter than a MacBook. Apple appears not to have any interest in creating a netbook-sized MacBook.

  2. I can still run an application that hasn’t been developed in 15 years (EccoPro), on my PC. Can you make that claim for the Mac? (I don’t believe so, but I could be wrong.)



These are different arguments altogether.

  1. There is no questions that netbooks are more portable, but they are also much more limited in capability. The OSX UI has some basic issues with the limitations most netbooks have with screen size. I think that the massive changes needed to the core of OSX UI and non-programatic services (think system prefs panels and the like) are the real problem in apples mind.

  2. Yes. There are ways to do this, but they are not typical. The real question for me is “should I” be using an unsupported app? Typically that answer is no.

For the record I am forced to use windows daily. The only advantage that I really see to windows is that you can “cheap” your way into problems and pay your way out of the later. Macs you have to pay up front. I am blessed to not have to make the decision on strictly “point in time” financial terms.

Well I hadn’t intended the original comment to be a mac vs pc comment.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages… more so to fans of either. Personally, I custom build PC’s… so have a lot invested in my hardware - removing Mac as an option.

Either way, the point was we are increasing the user base of Scrivener - that is the exciting part regardless of what OS is being used :slight_smile:


Not trying to get into an argument, because I agree that Windows can’t hold a candle to the Mac OS, but my point was that if you want the advantages of a netbook you will be glad to have Windows, especially now that there will be a Scrivener version that will run on it.

I don’t know whether it is a positive or a negative for Windows that there are a few applications that were so good that people still want to use them years after they were been abandoned by their developers. On the one hand it shows that there was some terrific work years ago; on the other you have to wonder why newer applications don’t fill the bill!


Often, it’s because users simply refuse to look.

Some fraction of the population resists change in any form. Because Windows’ market share is larger, that fraction contains more Windows users.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has devoted enormous resources to backward compatibility over the years. That’s part of the reason why Windows tends to be bloated, but also the reason why running paleolithic software is even possible. Apple, in contrast, is more likely to just tell users who won’t get with the program to @#$% off, or at best to offer a klunky compatibility solution that encourages such people to switch.


I would still abandon any mail/contacts/calendar/gtd-Software for WordPerfect InfoCentral.

You guys do understand that a lot people using windows actually like it? Not all of us see it as some totalitarian regime? (which, compared to the iPad, Windows is practically a haven of openness and independence). You do understand that there are going to be TONS of windows users on these forums once Scrivener for Windows is live? All of them asking questions, trying it out?

Do you think that this kind of reaction (to hell with you! Windows sucks! I love Mac) is going to keep them around to buy it? A lot of people buy software based on community these days. Online social interaction is key since the whole Open Source revolution (and a lot of Windows users use Open Source and don’t want to switch to Linux. Yes, it’s complicated). You guys bitching and moaning and putting down an Operating System you barely use is going to seem hostile.

And it’s going to keep people away from it.


You’re arguments for Win versus Mac hasn’t had an update since Windows 95. You really need to get with the program. I’ve used both on an off for over two decades (Apple/Windows). And Windows 7 is a completely different experience. You can scoff, but my anti virus protection? Free. Malware protections? Doesn’t cost me a cent. Many windows users never have problems with Viruses or rootkit software or any of that stuff. They haven’t had problems with it in ages.

Oh and the whole netbook thing- that really is the killer argument. Tons of writers use netbooks to write professionally or even freelance. I doubt anyone would switch away from the portability and power of a netbook to a Mac just because someone told them to do it.

You do understand, don’t you, that

  1. none of the posters (so far) in this thread has any connection with Scrivener other than as user?

  2. many of them – myself included – choose to work with both (or all three) systems at various times, and recognize each has its own weaknesses and strengths?

  3. most of the several thousand people registered for this forum are writers, who, like practitioners in several arts, find the Mac platform better suited than Windows to their way of thinking and working?

  4. there have been, and still are, several forum threads addressed to the use of netbooks?


I would just like to add to young Philip`s words of wisdom, a few of my own

Mr Paul,
Twas only recently that I read (please don`t ask me where) an article by a Windows aficionado waxing lyrical about the quality of, 7. Im/explicit in his, musings, was the sentiment that 7, was all but, Mac OS X. and its next iteration, will be OS X.

If my wonky memory serves, MS have made no secret of the fact Apple OS X was their bench mark.

I dont know how long youve been onboard Scrivener, Mr Paul, but an awful lot of Scrivs crew migrated from Windows, to Mac, needless to say, not because Mac was worse than windows. The mild hostility in you post, isnt typical of other crew members. Also, what youll find on board Scriv is a community spirit that puts other boards to shame, or so Im led to believe.

If I was human, Mr Paul, Id bet big money, that a lot of Win queries will be answered, not by Scrivs Teach team, but by other members of the crew, Win or Mac. They`re like that :wink:

There`s a human expression that comes to mind. “Lighten up, Mr Paul”

Welcome aboard The Good Ship Scrivener Mr Paul.
Take care

Is it that the argument has been updated in win95 or that there has been little to no improvement in real performance or security since win95?

But as others have said this is not an OS debate. We have our preferences. Some of us are a bit overly aggressive. My apologies for that.

Windows, Mac, Linux: They all suck. The only reason I have a computer is because of programs like Scrivener that make them suck less. Otherwise, I’d probably be using them to conduct stress tests with my boot. It’s a good thing Scrivener is coming to Windows, and I am checking daily.

Now if there was only some way to write without a computer…

Perfect. I should adopt this as my new motto for life.

I think it is called “pen and paper”.