Winterfest2014 coupon code for Scrivener won't work?

Hi All,

I’m in the UK, on a Mac, trying to upgrade my Scrivener trial to the full version using the Winterfest2014 coupon. However, the coupon doesn’t seem to be working for me (unless I’m misunderstanding something!)?

Here’s my process:

  • Click on the Scrivener 2 for Mac link on the Literature and Latter page
  • Click on ‘Buy Now $45 USD’
  • Click on ‘buy’ tab alongside Scrivener 2 for Mac
  • This gives me a fee of £31.81 GBP
  • Type the coupon code WINTERFEST2014 in the coupon box and click enter
  • This adds the coupon line below the subtotal, amount -£7.95 GBP
  • Click ‘Checkout with Paypal’ and log in
  • Paypal asks me to pay £28.63 GBP

If my math is correct, shouldn’t that final cost be £23.86 GBP? Or am I missing something? If anyone could help I would be most greatful.

Many thanks.

Hello lucyontheledge

I just tried it, clicked the PayPal total … and it shows the breakdown (it adds VAT at the end):


Yes, if you’re in the UK, VAT is always added at the end, and the amount you pay always seems higher than you expected.

Mind you, that doesn’t explain why the “Printer Pro” I just bought for my iPad from AppSanta, courtesy of Smile, went from the advertised $2.99 to the £4.99 I was charged!

Mr X

Hi both,

Ah, now I see – I had no idea that you could hover over the price on Paypal to see the breakdown (you learn something new every day!). Thanks for pointing me in the right direction – I had thought it was probably the VAT, but just wanted to double check before stumping up the cash (Mr X - I feel your pain!)

Best wishes,


I’ve never used PayPal, so I learnt something new as well :wink:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Scrivener. Hope your work goes well.

Festive wishes

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