Wiped again!

A little while ago I reported that I had two stories disappear from Scrivener, and I didn’t know how it happened. I was told that such an occurrence was unlikely, and was told to supply more information. I could not do that, so I began the process of piecing the novel-length stories back together by using backup material. I finally finished putting all chapters and scenes back in place, and trying to recreate notes, etc, and was back in business, but guess what.

It happened again. I turned off my computer, a MacBook Pro, and left the house for a while, and when I returned and booted up again, both stories were gone, same as before. No one but me had access to the computer during that time, and I know the stories were in place when I turned it off. They simply disappeared, and that’s really all I know.

I can recreate them again, but what would be the point? I must take them to another app and hope I can hang onto them there. Any other suggestions?

Do you mean that (a) the file has disappeared, or (b) the file still exists, but the contents has disappeared?

If (a):
Did you save the file and exit Scrivener before you turned off the computer?
Because if the file was correctly saved and you had closed Scrivener, it would be literally impossible for Scrivener to have caused the files to disappear from your system.

When you say that they have disappeared: are you looking for the .scriv files where you saved them using Finder? Are they no longer listed in Recent Files when you open Scrivener? Are they listed in Recent Files, but the file doesn’t exist when you try to access it?

Have you tried doing a spotlight search for the file, or any files with a .scriv extension?

Do you have any automated backup software, synchronization software, etc. running that may be doing things to your file system?

Do you have any backups of your work? You should always backup files separately, regardless of what application you use.

If (b):
What do you see when you open the Scrivener file?

Have you tried looking inside the .scriv file using Finder (Right/Ctrl-click and choose Show Package Contents)? Does it contain a bunch of files called 0.rtfd, 1.rtfd, 2.rtfd etc that contain your work? If so, you will be able to extract them from here.



Firstly, make sure you use Backup To upon closing - especially if you had this experience before (the next update does automatic backups). It sounds as though it’s too late for that, though.

Secondly, are the files stored on your local hard disk or on an external drive?

Thirdly, are there any more details you can give? Did your computer go into deep sleep? Anything else?


I saved all files and then put the computer to sleep. I am using Tiger, if that matters. The files for both stories are no longer listed under “file” and they are not in trash. I tried spotlight with no luck. I tried everything I know with no results. This is exactly the same thing that happened last time. I have the stories in backup and on a CD, not quite up to date and not in the same format. So I can piece them back together again, but all notes and character profiles are gone. Very frustrating.

Was Scrivener open when you put it to sleep? Were the files open in Scrivener? (This is important, because obviously if Scrivener wasn’t open when the computer went to sleep, then it cannot be responsible.) If Scrivener was open and the files were open in it, what did you see when you awoke the computer from sleep? Were the files open? Were they blank? What did the project window look like?
Thanks and all the best,