Wireless keyboards and recharging

Ok, fine, recharging wireless keyboards would not make less of an hassle having to deal with the batteries of your three or four laptops, your couple phones, the tablet, your photo and video cameras… but it is a good start.

If I didn’t have my Das Keyboard III Ultimate, I would love this thing:

mobeetechnology.com/products … c-bar.html

It also adds a touch of elegance to all an already elegant device.

Now, if someone could help me with my other battery devices…

Cheers, Paolo

Problem solved
johnlivingston.com/bicycle_l … harger.htm

Come to think of it. This would cut down on obesity as another problem solved.

Two birds with one stone.

Now if I can find some fat kid to power my house…

Wock, you can’t imagine how many times I’ve thought to a solution like that one. I heard there is also an official industrial production of these generators. Thank you for awakening my interest again!