Wish: automatic highlighting

Hi :slight_smile:
I am using Scrivener as a research tool, together with Sente (reference manager) and PDF Expert (iPad reading / annotating).

Sente has a handy feature which is automatic highlighting of certain words / expressions in the “Notes” sections of each reference. For instance, some words that refer to places, I highlight in “blue”; expressions related to time (for eg. “century”) I highlight in “red”.

It would be great if Scrivener had such automatic highlight, with custom colors, based on “kinds” of words. It would help in finding specific words in the scrivenings.

All the best!

Unfortunately since Scrivener is a rich text editor, dynamic formatting like this isn’t easily done, because for the most part formatting is actual formatting. Your text would actually be orange or whatever, and that may disturb whatever formatting you already had there.