Wish: better handling of line insertions

Hello everybody,

long time Scrivener user here and very happy with this great piece of software – except for one little thing. This might sound like a minor request, however, it would make compiling my projects to *docx etc. MUCH more convenient for me. I already suggested this change/option a long time ago (probably years) – now I am trying my luck again, hoping that it may be included in Scrivener 3 (which I will definitely buy, no matter what). If there’s already a way to change the Scrivener settings to my preferences that I am not aware of, please let me know.

I am no native speaker, so please forgive me if I don’t use the correct English term when I am talking about “inserted” lines. I have a feeling that there is a more precise one, but I can’t pinpoint it.

So here’s the thing:

Every time I hit “Enter”, Scrivener starts the next line not at the very beginning, but inserted. That’s a correct and good thing. However, the very first line of a new page/chapter and the first line of a new paragraph after a blank line should NOT be inserted. These are the two exceptions which I always considered as the norm.

This is how Scrivener handles it:

dropbox.com/s/4owu8cm80fpfd … y.png?dl=0

This is how it SHOULD be handled (IMO):

dropbox.com/s/78an63x4y7f32 … y.png?dl=0

I never got why Scrivener handles those insertion this way and why it was chosen this way at the first place. If I take a look in any book, I always see the insertions handled the way [i]I[i] I describe them in the “preferred” way. Am I simply wrong with that impression?

As it is now, I have to compile my Scrivener projects to Word and then manually put all lines which are incorrectly inserted back with the “Delete” key.

Thanks a lot for reading this and all your efforts. I love using Scrivener!

File -> Compile -> Formatting, click the Options button in the upper right corner.


WOW! Simply wow! I didn’t know about this option – maybe it even was only included after I suggested it a long time ago.

This makes my (writing) life complete. Thanks so much for the hint, Katherine.

I love Scrivener.