Wish Candidate: Editor modes


  • It would be nice were I able to Ctrl + 3 in a single document’s text editor view to get a list of that item’s container’s contents. I’d then be able to up/down to get to another item/document in the same ‘chapter’. (Were my original item in fact a container, Ctrl + 3 could work as it does now, though I can understand that always getting the active item’s container’s list would be more consistent – perhaps a Ctrl + Alt + 3 for drilling down?)

  • Similarly, Ctrl-2?

I know this can be done by hopping over to the Binder, then back; I was thinking this would be quicker.

The way it works right now is intentional. You are toggling the view mode of the thing you are currently working with. Think of it this way: if you clicked on a text item in the binder and it hypothetically opened as an Outliner instead of a text file, it would be an empty container and perhaps not seem immediately useful—but you could then add items to the outline and they would be nested below that text file as though it were a folder (there really isn’t much of a difference between file and folder and Scrivener, save for this right here: what they show by default when you click on them). That can be very useful, even if just to create temporary lists of ideas for the piece you’re currently working on. All of the view modes work this way. Ctrl–1 toggles between Scrivenings in single-text view for a container, Ctrl–2 between cork and text, etc.

If you wish to view the item you are currently editing in context, as it sits in its own parent container, then instead of looking “down” you need to look “up”. :slight_smile: The View/Go To/Enclosing Group command, or its shortcut, will do what you’re looking for I think.

While you’re in that sub-menu, not the Next/Prev commands as well. If you’re working within a linear list of documents in a container, there is no need to “zoom out” merely to step through the texts around the current working position.

:unamused: Thank you – Alt+Shift+left … A new keystroke among my favorites! :smiley:

No reply necessary.

Alt-Shift up and down arrows are also very nice. You can have your cursor in the document and move from folder to folder with the left and right, or from text doc to text doc using the up and down arrows.