Wish Candidate: Item manipulation in Binder/Outline

  • Unable to copy/cut/paste items to relocate them in Outline or Binder, it would be nice were I able to shift a document directly to the top (or bottom) of its container’s stack via keystroke. And sub-containers to their parents’ stack-tops as well.
    I recognize that there is a bit of a crossover here with a comment I made a while back: Where is the focus to be after this move: With the moved item or whence it came? I might say that for going to the top, the focus could stay put: I could use left-arrow to follow it if I wanted to move it further.
    But what about to the bottom? Well, there is also an earlier observation for this: A constrained Home/End might be more consistent. And were the behavior of these keys to be so, the focus’ staying put either way would be right – for me.

  • For the same lack of … pasting, it would be of use were Ctrl-up/down able to move an item to outside its container (and into any OPENED container it encounters along the way).