Wish Candidates: Various single components, 5 + 1

My v3+ wish list is meant to be an exercise in modifying current functionality rather than in adding things (which is of course a tribute to Windows Scrivener 1.9x).
I also realize that much of v3 is already coded, spec’d, time lined — hence the ‘+’.

  • It would be nice were there a keystroke directly to a key-actionable menu of Favorites items. The current Menu-based approach is quite keystroke intensive.
  • It would be of use were the visual cue for the active collection/binder more apparent.
  • It would be of more use were the Ctrl+Shift+O Keyword window to remember is sizing and its Windows location from one Scrivener session to the next. (The same is true of the NEW :wink: Favorites, ‘Favourites’, menu!)
  • When multiple ‘fonts’ are within a text selection, it would be nice were the F4 to display the font family name as blank, to indicate, ‘reassure’, enable, that a change, say, of point size would not change the families being used in the selected range. (The same display and reaction could also apply to point size variances during a font family change or a text style change.)
  • In Edit Substitutions, it would be nice to be able to key navigate it and its Substitutions panel completely (similar to Word Lists), getting into/out of the panel, adding/deleting entries, etc.
    (Tab appears to bounce along the three fields of each entry then move onto the next entry: But wherever it lands (other than the check box), keying does nothing; Shift-Tab is similar, but backward; Ctrl-Tab does nothing.)
  • And by the way—not complaining—re the combo-keystroke ‘chords’ that begin with Ctrl, then use another Ctrl combo, I stumbled into that one doesn’t have to hit Ctrl twice as is seemingly suggested in some documentation – Merely holding the Ctrl throughout is sufficient. (I suspect this is known, but reading it put me off their use for a bit!)

To elaborate a bit on #4 earlier, “When multiple ‘fonts’ are within a text selection”:

it would be nice were a font-family change, covering one family or several, to not change other characteristics of the text (eg, italics).