Wish list: collapse stacks

It would be great if stacks could be collapsed, akin to mind maps where nodes can be folded/unfolded.
If my request is not realistic please let me know.
In the meantime, could you suggest a workaround ?
thankk you !

I second this request – or at least a variation of it. I would use Scapple for so very many things, but having more than a simple phrase in a note just isn’t practical. If I could write a paragraph, with just the title visible (until it’s expanded), it would be helpful. As it is, just connecting a few thoughts will quickly occupy all the real estate on the page.

Why not use a real mindmap app, like iThoughts?

In my experience mind maps occupy much more space and therefore contain much less information than SCAPPLE

I perhaps spoke too fast. My apologies. Is it possible to work only with stacks with my ithoughts? I have tried out a number of mind mapping apps and find that too much time is spent in design and that the nodes and branches occupy too much space. However, if it was possible to work with stacks, I would be very interested.

iThoughts branches are definitely collapsible. I use both the iOS and Mac version, and Scapple.

There is a minus-sign where branches connect to a parent. Click that and the children disappear and the minus becomes a plus

thank you !