Wish List for Scrapple wish lists


I’m using Scrapple since few days and think is very useful for minds organizing and linking notes with Scrivener, but you know users… They think every days that Christmas going soon :slight_smile:
So, why can’t we find wish list for Scrapple where we can dream the next version of this software ? :wink:

Bests regards

Mainly because Scapple (minus the ‘r’, it’s not a pork based breakfast food :slight_smile:) is intended to be a simple and easy to use program that already does everything the original design intended for it to do. Keen observations will always be heeded, and it would foolish to say it will never evolve—but we don’t wish to encourage a flood of feature requests for something we essentially consider to be done. It wouldn’t be fair to raise expectations otherwise.

Wow, Amber, that’s quite a bit of snark toward a customer. I’m new to the boards here so maybe the snark is typical but still…

I find it amazing that Literature and Latte would have such an attitude toward users. For sure, there will be requests that have narrow usefulness but is it so unlikely that users would have useful suggestions that you decline input because the product is essentially finished?

I don’t see how Ioa’s reply could possibly be interpreted as snarky - he quite clearly said Scapple will evolve and that we will listen to feedback. If you look at most software company forums, there is no “wish list” - it’s just something we added for Scrivener. Users are free to post suggestions on the forums, and we listen to all such requests, but we have chosen not to create a “Wish List” forum for Scapple, because it is intended to be a simple app and as such is much more “finished” than Scrivener. No software is ever truly finished, but I won’t be changing Scapple into anything significantly different, and we wouldn’t like to mislead customers into thinking otherwise. Nowhere did Ioa say we “decline input”, only that we are not actively seeking it, which is an entirely different matter. Had you been around the boards longer, or if you browsed the Scrivener forums, or even the Beta Testing forum for Scapple, you would see that we take user suggestions and feedback very seriously.