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[size=80][whilst i perused the site and performed a search, my apologies if this issue has been discussed previously.][/size]

although Scrivener can be employed for various projects, one can assume a significant proportion of its users rely on the programme for business purposes and writing for profit.

i would be interested to learn from and discuss with such users whom write on a professional basis, regarding various business issues (taxation, for example) and would be a keen member of such a group. obviously it would have to be location-based due to the differing laws etc yet there would be other aspects that could be universal (best practises etc.)

has such a forum section been discussed previously? are there any other member whom would be interested? and would L&L be willing to host such an area?

Two of the less-used segments of the forum are Scrivenings and I’m a Writer.
Which suggests that there aren’t many pros here…
…or more likely, they don’t want to give away trade secrets. :laughing:

Why not start a topic in one of them to see if it draws interest?
You could call it Writing for Profit, but that could become unruly fast.
If you have a specific genre or market in mind, focus on that.

Writing for the Mortuary Industry; Writing about Real Estate, etc.
You’d soon locate some fellow travelers.
And if you’re writing serious literary fiction for profit, let us know
If you have a successful agent and a solvent publisher. :open_mouth: