Wish List Item: Enable "Disconnect" for All

Here’s a situation I often find myself in. Some but not all of the notes here are connected to the “Aksana Plot
What Really Happened” note. I want to connect them all to that note.

One way would be to disconnect them all, then drag them to connect them all, but I can’t do that because Disconnect only works for connected notes. This could be solved by having “Disconnect” work even for notes that aren’t connected. For them, it would do nothing.

I realize that I can disconnect the “Aksana Plot What Really Happened” note, but sometimes there are complicated connections that would have to be reconstructed.

The part I’m a little confused by is that Disconnect should indeed work with a mixed selection. So long as there is one pair in the selection that is connected, the Disconnect command should disconnect them, even if the rest of the selection are singletons.

That doesn’t extend to cases of mixed conditions where no pairs are selected however. By that I mean, if you add “Aksana Plot” to the selection, then you should be able to get the ultimate effect it sounds like you are looking for: clearing the slate so that you can cleanly drag a group of notes to a central note for connection (without the toggling behaviour).

Back to the initial problem, that is a tricky one. There is indeed a Notes ▸ Connect All command (which doesn’t toggle like dragging does), but as you’ve probably found that truly connects all notes in the selection, including every individual note in the Stack in your screenshot. So that wouldn’t reduce the number of steps (disconnect + drag), just change the steps (connect all + disconnect stack).

Either way though, I think letting Scapple know what you intend to disconnect, by including that root note in the equation, should provide a route to what you are attempting.

Yes, another route is to connect two of the children, at which point Disconnect is available:

But you might consider having “Disconnect” work even for notes that aren’t connected. A small benefit, but perhaps an easy change.

Perhaps I’m not quite following what you mean. If a note isn’t connected to anything, what is there to disconnect—or if that command were made unconditional, for what purpose would you use it, in that case?

What I am seeing in your example is that you want to disconnect one,two,three,four from ‘center’. So isn’t the best route then to select ‘center’ so that the software knows which connections it should be removing (and by implication, not removing any other trees ‘center’ might be connected to that aren’t selected)?

You’re right. It wasn’t clear to me that in this situation:

Disconnect would not disconnect Center from all the things it was connected to. I read the manual, but missed this:

When selecting individually connected notes, other notes that these selected notes may be connected to will not be affected by this command.