wish list prioritization?

I am new user and am exploring the forum.

Maybe this already exists, but if not could be useful to both L&L and users. Is there a way to vote or state user enhancement priorities?



Welcome to the forums!

Our mission statement sums it up best. As stated there:

So, yes by all means if you have a great idea, please share it. That doesn’t mean it will be included, but it may spur a similar idea or approach, and in a good number of cases it can result in the feature being implemented as requested. Much of what Scrivener is today is the result of feedback from authors over the years.

Just to add to Ioa’s reply, there is no way to vote, and “+1” replies to existing suggestions get short shrift. :slight_smile: If you have any suggestions, or something meaningful to add to existing user suggestions, we’ll gratefully hear and consider them and there is a great deal in Scrivener that has been driven by user-suggestion over the years. But voting doesn’t come into it. If something is suggested that we (and ultimately I) think fits into Scrivener or Scapple and will work well with the other features, then it might get added even if it was only ever suggested by one user and seems quite obscure. Conversely, if a feature falls outside of Scrivener or Scappple’s scope, then it won’t be added even if a hundred users have asked for it (cf. timelines and mind maps). That’s not because we don’t value all of those suggestions equally, but just because it’s important that the software maintains its focus and that we don’t try to shoehorn things into it that has no advantage over existing in a separate app.

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