Wish List: Scapple toolbar

A toolbar for Scapple would be great, and would cut down on the number of clicks required to do basic things, like align notes horizontally, apply styles, etc.

(doesn’t seem to be a Scapple wish list)


I second this. I have done some work on Scapple the other day and I designed a series of Note Styles to represent several hierarchical levels.

Even using the modal menu it was a pain to pick the styles.A simple toolbar across the top, which one can display or not as needed, would be welcome.

I love the free form nature of Scapple, compared to similar tools, but in the job I did this past weekend, it was a real pain to style the boxes.

I have not done much work with connectors yet, but those too could probably use some shortcuts for styling.

While I am dreaming (or asking) some simple icons would be great. Things like you find in Microsoft OneNote, where you can insert a empty checkbox and then click it to check it. It would allow yet another way to show a job progressing. But I did that in my case by creating 2 similar box styles with a different stsate element, such as a thicker border or a different color font to represent an item I dealt with.