WISH: Outline View Documents colored with the Label Setting

I wish that each document in the Outline View Pane of the Binder can be labeled with it’s Label Color.
Currently, the only way to see the Label of a document is to open up the Inspector Pane.
This is so inconvenient.

Having each binder colored according to its label would make it easy to see at a glance the status of each document. This would make it more Mac-like - just like the Finder.

Try View|Outliner|Columns|Label. You won’t get the color (except in the column), but you definitely don’t have to use the inspector.

My deepest WISH is that a new user:

  1. Read the FAQ post.
  2. Watch the Tutorial.
  3. Search the Board thoroughly for previous posts on similar topics.

Then enjoy. Many folks here are more patient than I.

Hey, I didn’t say READ the FORKING Manual! :smiling_imp:


But your reply was rude and does not apply to my WISH. New requests are also more prominent. Thus even if there were a previous request, the addition of another magnifies the need for the WISH.

View|Outliner|Columns|Label is NOT the solution or wish I want. It is not adequate.

In Mac OS X, when in the Finder List View of a window, when a document has a label, the Icon and the Label Name (the entire row, actually) is colored the the label color.

By coloring the row containing the icon and document name with the label color, I can instantly see its status.

Currently, when viewing the Binder’s hierarchical organization of a project’s folders and documents, I would love each document to be colored with its label color. This gives instantly, and STARKINGLY VISUALLY, the documents status. This increases the capacity of the Binder for giving information.

Currently, the binder only gives information about whether or not a document is empty or has content. This is too little information about the document.

This capability is NOT present in Scrivener and is greatly wished.



Currently you cannot colour the actual rows in the binder, but you can tint the icons by selecting “Tint Icons with Label Color” from the View menu. This gives you the information you want. I think you will be happy with the next update, though, if you take a look at the screenshot of it on my blog here:


(Note that there is as yet no fixed release date for the next update, though.)

All the best,

Hi Keith,

I’ve seen your screen shot of Scriv.2.0, and have noticed the whole-line label colouring in the binder.
I use label colours on every file in the binder (to indicate where each one is in my work order, etc.). It is, imho, one of the most useful features for me.
Come the update, however, my binder will be a mass of coloured stripes.
This will be too much for my poor brain (even in pastel shades - I am a bit sensitive to overload).

Is it possible to incorporate a choice, whereby users (like me) can opt to just have the file icon coloured (as now) rather than the whole line?

I no longer use label colours in finder because of the ‘in my face’ feeling, and having whole-line colours would seriously detract from the way I use scrivener.

Regards, Leigh

A little trust in your friendly local neighbourhood developer, please. :slight_smile: Did you really think that I would make the coloured bars compulsory? Absolutely not - you can still have the icons coloured just as you can now and not use the coloured bars. You need to turn any label colouring on if you want it.

I love you, Keith!
But then you know that already :wink: