Wish: Product Roadmap

Would it be possible to post a sticky “product roadmap” for us to view?

You don’t have to commit to specific release dates (I’m a fellow developer also, so I wouldn’t ask for something unrealistic).

Just a list of planned features, and keep it updated with a status for each to indicate where it is in the development lifecycle (from idea through to ready for deployment).

It would be a nice way to capture all of the “wish list” items in one spot, including items on your radar that nobody had realized they needed and had asked for yet.

This is likely to cause more angst than relief for both KB and for users. Take a look back at the forum posts about the iOS version then multiply that by a thousand fold.

I used to work as a software engineer and development manager. No one in our company talked about new features until a version of the product shipped with them released and working. We did not publish road maps no matter what. Heck we wouldn’t even talk about ports of the current version to other platforms. Only if a customer paid for the development of a specific feature would we talk about the schedule and then only to them.

This reminds me of the evolution of the “Status Board” that the developer of Things maintains. It went from contentful to pretty much pointless and it is not hard to see why.

Once upon a time they actually posted features they were working on. While this sparked initial hope when a feature you desperately wanted showed on the list, it quickly turned to disappointment when it didn’t move along or got leapfrogged by other priorities or just plain stalled out and, finally, disappeared from the list.

Now they just seem to post that they are working on the next version of ___ and then update the status when it is in beta testing and when it is released.

Also, it did not ever list very many features – nothing comprehensive like a list of all the Wish List items that were on the way to reality.


P.S. And, yeah, I agree people would inevitably want to talk about (kibitz about) everything on the list. That is a lot of noise to deal with.