Wish: redesign Highlighter icon to make current color more obvious

All hail the beloved developer :heart_eyes:

I have been using Scrivener for forever, love it to death, recommend it to anyone who will listen to me, even non-novelists :sweat_smile: Also been listening to the podcast lately!

But anyway, the tiny little highlighter icon (on Windows, anyway) is so small that sometimes I get green and blue confused, as well as pink and orange. I kindly request a change to the highlighter icon so that it’s more obvious which color is currently “in use” so I can tell if I need to switch it.

I use all the colors for various things: Pink for marketing teasers, orange for sections that reference other scenes, green for setting, blue for new knowledge the characters have learned (that I always forget to add to the story bible).

So being clear on the color just saves me a little hassle. Thanks for your consideration and your time!

So thrilled with Scrivener 3, KB & team! Looking forward to many more Scriveners to come – I have definitely gotten my money’s worth from 2 to 3, and I’m sure beyond!


Thanks for the feedback! I’ve added a note for our graphic designer the next time icon designs come up.


even it was a color square representing the current highlight color filling the box that would be easier to see rather than an icon.

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Thanks, Amber! :pray: And tia to the designer as well.