Wish/Request: Note Style preview

Hello all,

This might have been covered before - but I’m not exactly sure what I would search for to check - so apologies if it has…

I’m really enjoying Scapple, and it has proved particularly useful to me. The one gripe I have, regards the “Apply Note Style”…

I have created several “styles”, and tried to name them as best I can. But they end up being named something like “Sub-note emphasis to link”, or “Yellow in round black border” etc… But there are any multitude of options, and my renaming skills remain lacking… Now whereas the ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste Note Style’ is useful - I have lost count of the amount of times I have been back and forth between my selected note, and the “apply note style” menu, since I always battle to remember which one I was working on/am looking for etc… [i.e.] I can remember I have created a particular note-style, and I want to use it now again for my New Note - but for the life of me, it’s always the last of the 5/6 styles I try… :neutral_face:

I realise the aim is to keep things short, sweet and simple in the design of the app - and appreciate not wanting to spend too much development on the product, considering its low-cost - but it would be AMAZING if you could allow for a pop-up, when hovering the cursor over the various note-styles, that presents a “preview” of sorts, of what that particular note-style looks like…

In other words, when I hover over “Sub-note emphasis to link”, if a little pop-up(?) window/side-menu could appear, that would present “New Note” in the WYSIWYG format of that particular note-style…

This way, one could quickly ‘cycle’ through the various note-style options, to find the correct one being sought.

Would this be too tricky/programme intensive to do?

Failing the above - if anyone else has experienced the same frustrations as me, but found a useful work-around that lessens the chance of endless clicking - please share your thoughts!!

Many thanks!

Why not make a little “legend” on one side of your board that has all of the relevant styles demonstrated in a short stack of notes? For some of these, you can even copy and paste the style directly out of the legend (the Opt-Cmd-C / V shortcuts make this easy), so long as they do not represent excessively partial styles (only text colour &c).

What a good idea. And so simple. Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Something similar to your suggestion is on the list as a future possibility, too: someone else suggested adding a “Styles” pane to the inspector which would show you previews of the styles and let you apply them from there, and I think that is a good idea. It’s a lot of work, though, so it might not make it in until 1.5ish.

Thanks and all the best,

Keith: This would definitely be a great addition. Thanks for considering adding it even if it may not appear for awhile.

I second that wholeheartedly! Many thanks everyone!