Wish: To-Do/Task List

I have posted a few how-tos on the forum regarding this:

  • Outliners are great for tracking things you need to do.

  • Embedding todo lists within your text.
    Interestingly, this one sounds a lot like what you are already used to doing (even down to the punctuation—though I understand in your case part of that is a comment indicator—in Scrivener the analogy to comments are inline annotations, but I use punctuation to make searches precise instead of pulling up any old mention of the word “todo”). Scroll down to the highlight text in that post, I was responding to a number of different questions in that thread. I also don’t believe I mentioned it there, but what I actually do in my projects is create a saved search collection that hunts for TODO //. Thus whenever I mark something down as needing to be done, it pops up in that list (and goes away once I change the punctuation to no longer use both slashes—or of course if I delete the comment/annotation entirely).

Some of that is Mac-specific, but I can think of nothing within these concepts that would be crippled by a missing feature. All of the core concepts can be done on Windows.