Wishes and Hopes

Hi - thought I might just list out a few in one place, hoping this is best for you, Jennifer/Mouton. All on latest 026, with extra special PDF dll applied.


  1. that a Tab from Binder title would jump to new or latest entry point in the scrivening text
  2. that ticking the checkbox for Zip backups would stick
  3. that there could be a Clear Formatting capability on the Format or Edit menu. For when you paste in a web selection that turns every text into a link, etc… Clear Formatting applies to a selection, so you can control it.


  1. that the spellchecker wouldn’t get confused by footnotes that begin properly at the end of a word, and flag the somewhat-joined main text word then as mis-spelled
  2. that Copy from Scrivener to Paste in Word or OneNote would not clip out extra carriage returns between paragraphs. Regular character formatting it is doing ok with.
  3. that if we Copy text from OneNote and Paste to Scrivener, the result would be text, not an Image(!) of the text.
    Paste and Match Style does still get the text, so it is probably a matter of preferring what you want on the clipboard in case both image and text are there. Pasting from Word doesn’t seem to have the issue.
  4. that if we paste some formatted text from Word and then undo by control-z, some formatting sticks afterwards; like hanging indent, or numbered list.
  5. copy from Word, normal paste to Scrivener doesn’t show original font, though it does show character properties like italic. Can’t test OneNote because of the above text-as-image issue.
  6. was going to put as Wish, that as higher priorities are worked off, that there could now-expected multiple Undo-Redo. Actually, there is, but it does not seem to work always or reliably. Maybe tied up with sticking formatting, as just above.
  7. Select All (Cntrl-A} doesn’t visibly appear to select the first item of a list, but by what can be copied and pasted, actually it does.
  8. drag-drop from one project to another via cards copies; but copy paste of cards from project to project doesn’t seem to work
  9. PDFs internally. Copy-Paste from References pdfs eliminates spaces between words, linebreaks, and formatting like paragraph width. I am using the downloaded fresh PDF dll; renamed old one.
  10. PDFs externally. Copy-Paste from Sumatra is a picture, unless Paste matching Format - default should be the formatted text – and then in this test, spaces and formatting are retained properly. Copy-Paste from Adobe Acrobat contains garbage in the text, and no spaces between some of the words. It looks for both of these issues, possibly a special version of the clipboard content is by order rather than tag being preferred, and the properly tagged version needs to be selected for use.

Whew. You should have seen the shorter version of my list, before re-tests and explanations. But then…not so useful I think.

Best to each,

Couple more:

  1. hmm. Something that makes you go hmm. What if there were a pair of unobtrusive arrows in the top bar, that allowed you to back up and go forward in Editor item view – the item where you’d been editing? Like a web browser. Besides usefulness in editing itself, a good user interface move to indicate and allow backing up, when someone goes where they didn’t intend.


  1. Noticed that if you are looking at a folder in Card view, double-click to open a card or stack within it, the Binder indicator doesn’t change to mark what you have open.
  2. Also, believe the Binder link shouldn’t change to a rounded rectangle when you’ve assigned a color state via Label. What it does, with the dot if selected, is elegant; but it also looks at first glance that it’s the selected Scrivening even when it isn’t, because of the rounded rectangle. Think just coloring would be good; possibly non-rounded border, but again, probably a border is just distraction.


was it something I said? Not to get the Moutreatment to know these are noticed and on lists?

Or maybe vacations and holidays.


Ack. I did see this and I started a reply and then clearly never posted it. I’ll try and get back to that today. Rest assured though that I’m not ignoring you and I have made notes from your list.

sounds good, Jennifer.


All right, very tardy in my reply and a bit brief, so hopefully you’ll forgive me. As I said, it’s not that I’m ignoring posts here, I’ve just got my hands full with Lee getting the next release ready as we push into August.

I’m not sure what you mean here–that you can move focus from the binder to the editor by hitting the Tab key? Or is this something specific about focusing when in a Scrivenings session? If the former, check out the options for View>Move Focus To.

This one is already on the list.

There are three tools already that I think should provide what you want here: Paste and Match Style, Remove Link, and Convert Formatting to Default Text Style. The last one specifically “clears” formatting in that it resets it to match your defaults defined in the Editor tab of Options; PaMS does the same on paste, of course, but is a little harsher in that it will remove italics, bold, color, and link formatting which the Convert won’t do. If the trouble is links extending beyond their anchor text, then Remove Link is all you need. That last option should get added to the context menu as well to make it more accessible.

Further options for preset formatting will be coming in the future, but for now you should be able to do what you need with the above options.

Given that footnotes and annotations are, within the editor, just specially formatted text, the same as if you’d emboldened it or underlined it, there’s really no way for the spell checker to distinguish this. What should be possible, and isn’t yet, is that spaces you add on the ends of your footnote (within the footnote) should be ignored on compile. This way you can pad your footnote and separate it from the surrounding text, which will make spell check able to recognize the individual words, without affecting your compiled manuscript.

I’m assuming the wish is that the formatting wouldn’t stick after you’ve done an undo? I’ll make sure this is on the list, but clearing formatting completely is difficult, so we’ll see what can be done.

Regarding the copy and paste items I skipped that involved Word and OneNote, this has already been noted.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean here. The undo behavior has changed so that it doesn’t work letter-by-letter anymore, which allows a larger undo stack.

This is a known issue; the other PDF issues have been noted.

They’re called the Forward and Backward in Document History buttons and they’re in the editor header to the left of the document icon. :slight_smile:

There are a number of ways you can change the focus in the editor without having the binder follow; this is intentional, as discussed in this FAQ answer.

This is an option you can turn on or off via View>Use Label Color In>Binder. You can turn on Use Label Color In Icon instead to have just the icon colored, rather than seeing the whole color bar, which will be closer to the dot that you do like; or you can turn it off entirely.

They’re called the Forward and Backward in Document History buttons and they’re in the editor header to the left of the document icon. :slight_smile:

Dear MM,

when I use the back button, should it take me to the last document I opened in this editor? If this is how it should work :smiley: , this isn´t working for me.

I just opened one of my Scivener projects and opened one document in the editor, then I opened another one in the same editor and when I click on the back button, the editor goes back to a complete other document. I have several folders in the draft folder and the two documents I opened where from the same folder and the one the editor opened from another.

I´m on Windows 7, 32 bit.


I feel troglodyte-ish asking for this, but I’m lost. Could someone post a screen shot of where these Forward/Backward buttons are located? I have been looking since the above comment was posted and still cannot find them.


If you don’t see that bar with the title, use the View/Layout/Show Header View menu command. As noted, directly to the right of these buttons is the header bar icon menu, which is quite useful as well.

That’s what it should do, yes. Are you using 026? Do you get the behavior you described in new projects? I have a recollection that there was a possibly related bug when previous/next document and shortcuts were added, but this seems to work fine for me in 026, so if you can come up with a reproducible case for me I’d be grateful.

Dear MM,

yes, I´m using 026. But the problem is, that I can´t produce the bug again. When I wrote the message some days ago, I opened Scrivener only to test the bug and it behaved like it told you.

Today when I opened Scrivener again, the buttons work as they should be. I tested two of my old projects and created a new projet, but in all it is working correct.

So, if I have the behaviour again I will tell you, for now it works :smiley: .



Glad it’s working now, at least! If you do get it again, though, please let me know!

Hi Jennifer, and sorry I didn’t get back until now. It is August…

Will try nested quotes, shortening down. Well, I chickened on the nested…

Of course :wink: and situation well understood.



Ok, I think we still need this, going through your suggestions:

  1. Paste and Match Style - can work if you remember to undo a bad paste and use this immediately, but not a general solution
    2 Remove Link - I think you mean Unlink, at least on my Edit menu. I don’t know if that would have fixed the terribly clobbered web paste that set this item going, but good if it would. Links are sort of separate from general text formatting, thus this wouldn’t affect a pasted-in thing I think (but maybe would if links on a web page, and then it’s needed).
  2. Convert Formatting to Default Text Style. The problem with this seems to be that it applies to the whole document, not just the selection, and also it’s irrevocable. Useful in circumstances, to be sure, but glad it’s hidden away on the Document menu.

Summary: a simple clear of all formatting to default for a selection should do here. Better would be if it automatically did an Unlink also. This kind of Clear Formatting is pretty standard in word processors.

  • I appreciate well the problem here, given how footnotes seem implemented, and agree the ignore-last-whitespace should do the trick, in that case. I did try originally to see if you’d allowed that (yet).

Yup, exactly. I didn’t word it well: the problem is that you paste, then undo because you didn’t want to. But some formatting from the paste is left, often at present.

Ok, and great to hear, but I think there is a new wrinkle: that text from OneNote (not Word) now pastes as an image (a picture like jpg) of the text, by default. Maybe that was already there, and on your list, then.

Hmm. I wonder how deep that stack is. What I saw was not being able to back out a few steps via Undo. Few = 5 maybe. I would think a stack of 20+ might be somewhat realistic; 50 would be better, or let us set our own stack depth according to need and memory? Wouldn’t think state is too expensive in memory for a word processor, but open to being corrected for Scrivener’s special abilities.

Great. I know this can be a tricky one, due to how various levels of pdf are put together; however would think your library would be able to compose a clean copy.

Hmm. Well, I don’t think such icons are showing for me, Jennifer. Though they might have at one point. I did just find for myself Forward and Backward on doc history, and that is indeed what I want. Handy ctrl-[ and ] are nice for them. But icon arrows may be a bit shy as yet, and I think I read below someone else having that disappeared arrows problem. Could I or a gremlin have turned them off in config?

Ok, Edit: View>Editor>Show Header View turns it all on. This is why I couldn’t understand the talk about a Document icon either. But now arrows are there and work as hoped (after I learned the better keyboard shortcut :stuck_out_tongue: ) I think I did turn header view off at some point - takes the punishment.

And discovers the Document icon even has Reveal in Binder on it. This is all idiosyncratic, but once you learn, should be powerful. Worth it on this Scrivener tool.

Ok, that’s informative, and I don’t want to try to invent another solution. And now I know what Reveal in Binder is for.

Ok. Trying it, the result works. Might suggest you default Scrivener to icon only, as the lit-up colored label button look completely dominates your eye, and so you can’t see where the actual Binder active scrivening is if one of these is within view. Even with Reveal as above. Probably harder on a laptop as I am using, but it has a pretty decent screen so is probably indicative.

Jennifer, thanks. The original wasn’t always the clearest. I think with these notes, we’ll have aligned. Hoping it’s all useful to Lee and team. Tell him there are a lot of Oz-people in San Diego… :wink:

Hope you enjoy your evening, and that it’s as nice as here.


I’m with Clive on this. The Undo seems to have a rather limited stack. If you’ve made too many changes, you can’t go back to what you had before, it just stops undoing at a certain point. It’s a bit frustrating because you can just see a few more steps for it to undo but it doesn’t remember them anymore.

Dear Clive,

for the shortcut, I don´t understand really what to press, ctrl + ?? :question:
Can you describe it for me please? I would love to learn the shortcut. :smiley:


Dear MM,

will let you know, if it happens again :smiley:

Ctrl+] and Ctrl+[ are the forward and backward shortcuts–you can see the full menu items in View>Editor>Forward in Document History and View>Editor>Backward in Document History.


Hi Sarah - just got back to check here. I think Jennifer has this covered, but if it helps, you press Ctrl and then while holding it, either the left or right square bracket key.

This will give you the next binder text’s view either backwards or forwards, in edited order from where you are, and when available.

Try selecting several binder labelled texts (scrivenings) in a row, then using first Ctrl-[ at first, then either key combination to navigate back and forth. You’ll see how it goes, and then it will be easy.

The editor switch is very quick, which is nice.


Dear MM and Clive,

thanks for giving the explanation.

I see know, why I didn´t understood before:
I have a German keyboard (I´m German and live in Germany ) and on my keyboard there aren´t the brackets :smiley: .

So, sadly this shortcut doesn´t work for me, but thanks again for explaining nonetheless!


With the next release, you’ll be able to redefine any shortcuts so that will help!