Wishes for 1.2... not for 2.0...

Hi, I read with great interest the developments of Scrivener into its 2.0 transformation… I’m looking forward to it, but I wonder if any of the new features mentioned in this Wish List forum could still be released in 1.2. I’m thinking about a specific feature I need the most - I have an absolute and urgent need for it, in fact! It’s the breakdown of wordcounts in the Outliner. If I understood correctly, Keith, you implemented a feature which will let us know wordcounts for each file (as it is now) plus any subtotal or total wordcount for file groups and folders.
I hope this feature can make it in the tiny, humble and unobtrusive 1.2… it would be a small step for a great developer like Keith, but a giant leap for a mediocre writer like myself… :slight_smile:

Also… is OPML import for this release, or the 2.0 release?

Whilst I can’t really go into every single feature that will be in one or the other, OPML import is in 1.x, but the accumulated word count isn’t at the moment. I can’t say for sure whether it will make the cut at the moment…
All the best,