wishlist and question

An easy link on the format menu to format paragraphs with first line indented.
problem: some pages seem to have the indent, others don’t. I can’t seem to predict which. I open them all with Project, New text.

Sometimes when I travel, I want to send a third copy of my project to my home computer via e-mail. Since I can’t send a folder as an attachment, and I don’t have dropbox on my laptop, do you have any suggestions? I backed up with zip feature onto desktop, but so far can only send the project file.


Addendum - solved the project for now by installing Dropbox, saving project to it, uninstalling dropbox.

Any chance you could set up so we could save to google docs?

Check the tab setting widgets on the ruler line. On the pages where your paragraphs are formatted, I bet the tab setting is dragged out, while on the pages where the paragraphs are flush the tab setting is too.

I agree that it would be cool to have some way to select multiple/all documents in the project and apply consistent format changes like tab settings, base font, base font size, etc. to all selected documents at once.