Wishlist Candidates + 1: Ctrl-f FIND (keystrokes)

:arrow_right: It would be of use that when the Ctrl-f FIND routine has gotten to the end of the document, when it asks to continue its finding from the top of the document,
that the FIND dialog box could be dismissed with a simple Esc – as is the case for the recycle question box immediately before it – rather than requiring a repeated Ctrl-f, then the Esc.

:arrow_right: It would be nice were the Ctrl-f box to not set itself over the text-editor space … and remember whence it has been resituated for the sake of future invocations at least during the same Scrivener session.

:arrow_right: Here’s a curiosity: Ctrl-f FINDing for a string, bumping through multiple NEXTs then answering ‘Yes’ to the recycling question,
upon finding its first search hit from the top, if I use the Enter-key to Next-advance to the next hit,
the FIND does not advance; instead, it deletes the just-found string and breaks the line.
(I suspect this and the first above are matters of where the focus is.)

This text ‘editing’ happens whether I’ve used the Enter key throughout or merely after the recycling begins: It does not occur when I click Next after the recycling begins.