Wishlist Candidates: Project Search results

:arrow_right: It would be of use to be able to remove individual search hits from the Project Search results list directly as one goes through it initially (eg, key-combo + left arrow). I understand that I can save the results as a collection and remove individuals from that, but I’m thinking here of saving that step for one-time searches.
I also understand that I can Ctrl-click various hits to build a list for an editor’s ‘outline’, but one light-pressure-Ctrl click undoes all the selection already made.

(The key-combo might simulate Ctrl-clicks, but it would require dynamic updates of the list, which might conflict with whatever interaction is already going on between the display and the Project Search routine(s).)

:arrow_right: It would be of use to be able to sort the results so I could more easily find unsuspected duplicated documents within a large ‘return’; sort the results either directly or in a redisplayed list in an outline. I know that the latter is a bit counterintuitive, but then, the display of the results itself is not hierarchical (whatever the sequence of the hits) and the redisplay is flat (at least displayed as such).