Wishlist: connector labels

Feature request!

Being able to label connectors would be a fantastic addition to Scapple. Without label connections, the relationship between connected nodes is ambiguous. With labels, relationships become meaningful.

Some prior discussions (older to newest; note the position has changed over time):

In the third link: “I also do now plan to allow for labels between notes, too. So the next update should make some solid improvements in this area,” from October 2013. Has that happened or is it still in progress, or on hold, or?

It’s still on hold, iOS kind of threw a wrench in the planned schedule of things, so Scapple has taken longer to get back around to than we would have liked, but it’ll happen!

P.S. Long time no see! :wink:

Ok, thanks for the update!

Yeah, it has been a long while. Life got in the way (and remains in the way) of most of my normal stuff, online and off, in several ways. So it goes.