Wishlist: easier making Scrivener links in iOS version?


Unless I am un-educated, I only have 1 ways of adding a Scrivener link into a document. Adding the link, and then I have the choice between scrolling trough a huge list of files of which I cannot collapse anything (if I have a lot of Research and files) and in that same dialogue box you can search for files.
Again, unless there is something I don’t know.

So I was thinking, if it’s possible, this is a feature request:

  • In that list, have it like in the normal binder, where you can collapse files too. So I don’t have to scroll trough thousands of files to find the link.
  • If you swipe on a file, you can have the More menu, and maybe have an option there like ‘copy Scrivener Link’. And then when you want to add in a word that links, you can also… have a kind of paste Scrivener Link? (If you in your bar above your keyboard have the button to add the Scrivener link, you could have a button there that automatically has the option of the last file of which you tapped the ‘Copy Scrivener Link’. Or in the dialogue window in which you have the Search / Web link / Huge list of files, you can have the file on top, so it’s easily selectable.

Kind regards,