Wishlist for Windows?

Where do I post feature suggestions? The main wishlist doesn’t seem the right place, since some stuff I wish for is already implemented for the Mac. A sub-category here in Windows would be helpful.

My main concern:
I feel boxed in in the editor, the sidebars don’t seem integrated, they feel like seperate programs, not reacting to what’s going on in the middle.

Example 1:
I have to force the binder to reveal the current doc. Only then will it drill down to highlight the current document. But the drill-down is permanent. I lose my binder tree which I expected to see again when switching back to the other Editor.

I am hoping for it to be flexible, smart enough to notice what I am doing, remembering the tree (some chapters collapsed, others revealed) of both editors. Reveal in Binder is too blunt and destructively static as it is now. Not using it, however, leaves me stranded as to my whereabouts.

Example 2:
Many shortcuts for the binder don’t work from inside the editor. I cannot trigger “Reveal All” unless I first switch over to the Binder. The same applies to the Inspector. No way to press, say, Alt K for Keywords, or Alt S for Snapshots. I am forced to use the touchpad or mouse, cannot keep my fingers on the keyboard for a quick glance to my snapshots, notes, keywords.

There isn’t a wishlist for the Windows version yet as the aim is to have all the Mac 2.0 features first. Once 2.0 parity is achieved Lit & Lat will start considering other features for the Windows version.

Hmm, being familiar with both platforms, I have doubts that a parity can be ever achieved (or is even desirable). Some interface features (and thus their handling) are dictated by the operating system.

Besides, Windows users may need different features (to cope with Windows quirks and idiosyncracies) and may even have no desire for certain Mac features at all. Forcing a Mac-clone out of Windows seems like a tall order. I was hoping for a cross-pollination, sort of. Combining the best of both worlds.

Feature parity, not behavior parity. There are already differences that don’t have to be there, like the menu structures, which follow the conventions (more or less) of each platform, instead of you seeing a “Scrivener” menu option like we do on Mac OS. There’s no programmatic reason that the menus should be different; it’s just down to following the conventions of the OS.

What you can expect are things like multiple Project Notes, Custom Meta-data, Document templates, and more options in the Compile window, just to name a tiny sub-set of the coming features to be added to Scrivener for Windows. Feature parity has always been the plan, and there are a lot of things that had to be put off until version 2, just so that the program could be functional before Lee’s family starved to death. :wink:

This demarcation line seems fuzzy to me. Behavior is big on my wishlist, and some of it is not applicable to the Mac. It would save developing time to take Windows behavioral specifics into account beforehand, instead of having to adjust them later.

I agree. There’s no reason for menus to be different. Though it has no bearing on a seperate Windows wishlist.

Okay, then
I wish for a Wishlist for Windows.