Wishlist (PC): ONE thing only.

Do you want a keyboard shortcut for Capture Selection From Screen?

  • Yes that would be awesome, I use this feature all the time.
  • Yes but I don’t really use Capture Selection From Screen a lot.
  • I don’t really mind, it makes no difference to me.
  • No, I believe it will make no significant difference.
  • No, I believe that such a shortcut does not fit well to the Scrivener utility.

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Well, I use Scrivener for some time now, so I got a pretty good idea about how good it is. I am using it on almost anything I do, that will include writing something in a rich text form or more enhanced. There is ONE little thing, that I personally believe will make Scrivener even better and I would love to hear from the community if others believe so.

Capture Selection From Screen keyboard shortcut:

Are you people gathering a lot of data? I mean you can just copy-paste text and include it in Scrivener no problem. Well, when it comes to pictures though, or some exotic tables in a site, you can not include them perfectly all the time right? Sometimes pictures are saved as links to the pictures and Scrivener does not show them, so you need to try a different approach if you want to include one picture.

Who else is using “Capture Selection From Screen”? I do. I mean, isn’t it an incredible feature? Personally I find it fantastic. It helps me a LOT, it saves me so much time. So, since I use it a lot, I thought it would be better to have a keyboard shortcut to enable it, instead of right clicking - left clicking all the time. How does that sound to you people? I mean, I could use such a shortcut and I think it is better to ready your mouse to capture something on screen and then press a button to enable the feature. You can then navigate the cursor wherever you want with arrow keys and then press the shortcut button again to capture something else.

We hope to get the menu system revamped to the point where you can customise all of the shortcuts yourself, which should solve this.

This is a fantastic idea! I am glad to hear this and can’t wait to see it happen.