I don’t feel comfortable to makes whishes already, since you had so much work and did such a great job and are busy with all those people having questions and stuff. And the app is so great, there really is not much to whish for anyway. But as my thougths revolve abour Scrivener all day, due to my appreciation and fascination, I still feel like dreaming about what might come in the future.
So what I’d find great:

  • custom meta data (that’s Mathew Tobin’s fault: I made ample use of those “place”, “character” etc. fields in Aeon Timeline.)

  • “instant writing”. I imagine this: a 3D touch on the Icon (or a good accessible button within the app) opens a textfield immediatly. You can write instantly and assign the text to a document later. This way you could jot down an idea without navigating to a certain place first.

  • a keyboard row button that converts the first letter of word into a capital and the other way around. Stolen from the “Textkraft” app. Very useful when rearranging sentences.

Oh, and I would’t mind if the expanded binder actually expanded to fullscreen on the iPad, to work more like the outliner of the desktop version.

You can use any iOS text editor that supports share sheets (which is pretty much anyone that’s been updated in the last few years) and then share to Scrivener. I’d rather see developer time spent on features unique to Scrivener for iOS rather than replacing tasks that are already well-handled by other apps.

But it would be neat to have it within one app and without a workaround. And with Scriveners custom keyboard. And footnotes or whatever you need or might get built into it.

I guess. Either way you’re going to end up with an Inbox / Incoming collection of text that that you’ll need to triage and move to appropriate projects at some point.

I’ve been using the Scrivener scratchpad feature on the Mac this way for several years – I have the scratchpad location set to a folder on Dropbox and use Drafts for iOS to dump text there and then triage on the Mac. I’ve also added that folder to 1Writer, my preferred text editor on iOS (among other things, it lets you access files in any number of arbitrary Dropbox folders) so I can share from there to Scrivener if I want to do the triage on iOS instead.

Incidentally Drafts also lets you add keys to the keyboard to do case conversions (upper, lower and title case) among many other kinds of text manipulation.

I honestly think one of the first additional features added would be the ability to send items to Scrivener via the iOS share sheet. Considering Scrivener’s ‘research’ feature, this would be invaluable, as often times I run into articles or research material while browsing on my phone or iPad.

I’m really loving the iOS version of Scrivener, but this honestly feels like a very overlooked feature, and feels necessary to me.

I’m a little puzzled, as Scrivener iOS supports “Open in…” from other apps (I’m assuming this is what you mean by “share sheets”) now. I’ve had no trouble adding PDFs and images to my Research folder that way. I’ve even done .webarchive, once I found a way to create them on the iPad.

Maybe bradkbrown was saying he overlooked the feature, not that it was overlooked in the app itself :wink:

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As for a “scratch pad” or similar, that idea was shot down years ago, so I doubt it will see the light of day at this point. My approach: make a “Scratch Pad” project where I don’t even bother with the special folders. I tap the project then hit Cmd-N,return and start typing. It’s hardly more steps than some dedicated notepad type feature would require anyway, once you consider that you can tap out of any project with at most two taps on header bars, and then get back to where you were with the Recents list.

Custom meta-data: not very likely, either. Not only would this require a lot of complex UI and overall clutter, the feature itself is going to be overhauled in the future to go way beyond simple text lists. We don’t even support References and Keywords at this point, custom meta-data would surely be down the list from those, in order of what things might be added to the inspector in the future.

Er, not the best answers for you, I do realise. :neutral_face:

Upon thinking about bradkbrown’s request – I wonder if he isn’t referring to the inability to accept a web page directly from Safari (or other browser.) Because what’s being passed is not a document, but a URL, well, Scrivener isn’t in the list of things that know what to do with a URL, at least not on my iPad checks quickly nor on my iPhone, either.

In fact, I’ve had to go to work-arounds such as

  1. saving a web page as a PDF in iBooks, emailing it to myself, then “Open in…” Scrivener, or
  2. Sending a web page to PDF Converter, then “Open in…” Scrivener, or
  3. saving it in Evernote then printing to “save PDF to Scrivener” on my Mac, (my favorite), or
  4. saving it as a .webarchive in iCab Mobile and then using Open in… to stuff it directly into Scrivener

While there are several ways to get web content into Scrivener, I can’t just tap on the Share icon in Safari (or any other browser), and have Scrivener come up as one of the options. Yes, web clipping direct to Scrivener would be nice.

No Scratchpad is fine I guess, that was just an idea for an even faster way to jot st down (I can recommend the app “quick draft” for instant note taking).

With the custom meta-data, that’s a pitty because there will not be a good workaround for people that use it. But I see that it’s just a minor feature and most people will be fine with the on-board meta-data.
Looking forward to the “new meta-data”…

@Silverdragon: I found the easiest way to import as PDF is using the “save to dropbox” button, which converts an saves to db in one step. You can then import into Scrivener from there.

Thanks, GrahamGrün. I’d found that one on my own a few days ago. My love for the iCab Mobile browser over Safari has me using its .webarchive facility instead.

How does that work?

ICab Mobile is a web browser. You use it to surf the web instead of Safari. When you find a page you want to put a in your Scrivener project, you use the share menu from within iCab; you can save either a .webarchive or a PDF to Dropbox, and from there the workflow proceeds as if you’d saved to Dropbox from safari. If you’re curious you can look at its astonishingly long feature list in the App Store:

iCab Mobile (Web Browser) by Alexander Clauss

It has even more than the feature list reveals–because of its modules facility, there are connections to many web-based services available in the app as well. OTOH, it can be complicated to set up. Once set up, though, to me it’s like the Scrivener of iOS web browsers. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll have a look at it!

This may or may not have been asked for or it might exist(I can’t find anything) but mobile syncing for non iOS?


I am not sure what you mean by “mobile syncing”, outside of the context of there being a mobile version of Scrivener to sync with, but the Windows version now has a general purpose folder sync tool. Read up on it in the user manual, under §13.1, Synchronised Folders, starting on pg. 120.

It would be great if you could select several documents at a time when importing files from a clouddrive within Scrivener for iOS.

In iOS I share PDFs from Safari to LiquidText, and then from LiquidText to Scrivener. Being able to send straight from Safari to Scrivener would be a timesaver and & most welcome & save storing 2 copies.
I’m awed by the quality of Scrivener for iOS and wishlist this with diffidence.