With regret

Just trying to figure things out.

Try DevonThinkPro for your data, and Scrivener for any writing that comes out of it.
The forum has many, many threads on DTP.
I think you’ll find that it does what you need.
devon-technologies.com/produ … index.html

Well, I have been doing my best to help you, so I’m sorry that you feel the need to post a public goodbye like this, but fair enough. Scrivener certainly isn’t designed to hold 100Gb of data, and I personally would never place 100Gb data in any single program. I would also question whether that really is “normal” for historians (I’m no professional historian, of course, but history is my own academic background). Why on earth would you want to put 100Gb into one single writing project? Scrivener’s research folder can hold a lot, but I do wonder how much utility you can get out of that much information in one project, and I would recommend never putting 100Gb data in any single project file in any program.

I’m not really sure what your issue is seeing as the last message I had from you was this one:

So as far as I knew, you were up and running in Scrivener 2.0. Have I heard from you since? No. Have you asked for help with your PDF issue? Not as far as I know. Scrivener 2.0 handles PDF files the same as 1.x, unless you mean images placed in the text itself, which indeed is different as 2.0 now uses a more standard RTF format - but you would have faced such problems on export anyway, and I’m working on this with another user. But I haven’t seen you bring any of these issues up, so I guess I am meant to read minds. Sadly, as much as I have tried to work on my Jedi powers over the years, they are still somewhat nascent.

But you’re right - Scrivener is a writing program and most certainly not a database program. So good luck in your future endeavours. I don’t recommend that you try to place 100Gb of data in Circus Ponies or any other program, but that’s your prerogative, and a discussion to be had between you and the developers who you’ll be dealing with on other forums, of course.


Thank you, Druid. I’ll look into it.

PDFs are huge files. Again, it is an issue of organization. How to you manage a large body of information?

I am writing on the forum because I am dealing with real world problems and searching for solutions.

No intent to offend.


No offence taken, I’m just wondering where your e-mails or messages are that let us know of any problems you were having, that’s all.