Wock's birthday

Happy birthday, young man. You are a couple of days ahead of me, though some years behind.

Best wishes,

AGAIN!!! :open_mouth: jeeeezz!!! We’re still cleaning up the guano from last time. :frowning:

[size=150]Have a drink on me pige.[/size]
[size=150]And a cake…[/size]
[size=150]Happy Birthday.

[size=200]WOCKFEST 2012![/size]

Awesome! Happy Birthday, dude!

Happy Birthday, Wock. Don’t drink so much moonshine, or whatever you call your local infamous brew, in celebration that you fall out of the nest.


Oh my, Vic! You just made my day!


P.S. Er, Wock have a very fine bird-day!


tank u tank u!

Happy belated birthday. How many is it in bird years?

Most pet pigeons live to between 10 and 17 years. Most feral pigeon are lucky to make 3.

So is Wock a pet or not?

:open_mouth: Who the feck’s gonna want Wock for a pet…jeeezzz?!! Give us a break…tch!tch!tch!

Nothing to worry about, Mr Dave, with my human, that effect is short lived, and usually a ‘one off’.

As for all this nonsensical birthday brouhaha…surely, it’s the respective mothers that should be lauded. After all, they’ve done all the hard work. The offsprings just get delivered.

It’s, never too late for a knees-up. Since I don’t have any images to handy, just picture me raising an Australian brew in your honour (tonight, let’s make it James Squire’s Nine Tails Amber Ale*).

Happy birthday! :smiley:

Belated happy returns, Wock.

BTW, you’re needed at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. One of the sportswriters in The Times of London who lists the bird species he sees every day whilst Roddick, Nadal and Federer perform, recorded this morning that he’s missing a pigeon - a real one, not the feral stand-ins. You’d be safe - someone’s nicked the deterrent.

But Wock’s problem is — I think — pigeons don’t have knees to “up” :laughing:


Apparently goldfish have knees though.


I can emphatically prove that pigeons do have knees. Just unlike most humans they keep them covered proving their modesty. now the exact nature of the “upping” we are discussing may make that prove irrelevant.


Welcome back, Jaysen. I bow to your superior knowledge of the breed …

Having 100 of the flying manure generators in my barn, on purpose, provides me unique opportunities of observation.

Back is relative. I never really left. I just stopped paying attention because … LOOK! A SQUIRREL!

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