Won't Compile At All (.mobi)

Hi, all – hope you are well.

Still love Scrivener but my (paid for) version still seems to have a mind of its own when compiling.

I have three projects on the go. Two of them compiled just fine into .mobis which I can proof on my Kindle.

The one that’s giving me gyp started by treating every line in the typescript as a separate page. Now it won’t compile at all. The screen comes up for saving the .mobi to my desktop, but when I click the compile button, nothing happens except for a momentary flash of what looks like the Compile Completed box. But no .mobi on my desktop.

I’ve attached a screenshot showing how I’ve ticked my boxes for .mobi in the Compile settings. Though I wonder if the problem might be to do with this third project being a Word import?

Thanks in advance for any help, this is driving me mad! And apologies if it’s a dumb question, I have read the User Manual and intend to purchase Scrivener for Dummies when it comes out in August.

AS :slight_smile:

Actually, I think I’ve just figured it out… I went back to the Compile box and saved my settings for this project - Contents, Separators, etc. as ‘Mobi’… and now it’s compiled.

I’d take this post down but maybe it will help others in a similar boat :slight_smile:

Thanks again :smiley: