Won't compile from MultiMarkdown to HTML

When I ask to compile from MMD to HTML, the interface launches the command, but the little compile window remain there, the blue bar is stuck and no file is written. I can compile in MMD, but not using the MMD to HTML feature. Any ideas please ?

Are you using the version bought from Apple? If so, they disabled the ability for software sold through them to make use of the UNIX half of the operating system, save for very narrow and unrealistic scenarios. If you have at any point in the past installed your own copy of MultiMarkdown into /usr/local/bin, Scrivener is trying to use that instead, and is getting blocked by the sandbox engine, leading to the hang. To solve the problem remove the custom MMD installation and use the built-in copy distributed with Scrivener

If you aren’t using the MAS version, or OS X 10.11.2+, then there are other things that could cause these symptoms that we can look into.

Well, that sucks!!! Yes, you are right, I am using the MAS version of Scrivener. Unfortunately, I also have my own install of MutliMarkdown, and I use it everyday and really really need it, so uninstalling it is not an option.

I guess I’ll just have to repurchase the good version of Scrivener outside the MAS. I love the software so I don’t mind. I’m more pissed at Apple than anything. I’m just regretting betting on the Apple Store. Do you know if the Literature and Latte offer discount if you already have the MAS version?

I uninstalled the MAS version and installed the direct download version and no longer have the problem. You were right. Thanks a lot for your help.

Great! Glad to that worked out of the box (it should).