Won't compile picture-heavy file

I am working on a travel book with a lot of photographs at high resolution.

Early test compiles to .mobi format worked fine, but now it refuses to compile the book. It either hangs or crashes.

This could be my fault for using too large picture files though I was assuming that with retina displays and the like pictures should be at a high resolution. Is the problem Scrivener or me?

I would definitely try downsizing the photos and seeing what happens. Even if you’re able to compile a book full of full resolution images, you could easily exceed Amazon’s file size limits.

While Retina displays do have much higher resolution than traditional displays, they still don’t come close to what top-end cameras can achieve. Even if Amazon will let you do it, someone reading your book on an iPhone won’t thank you for including hundreds of 24 megapixel images from your DSLR.

You might want to have a look at Section 15.5 of the Scrivener manual, which discusses image handling in more detail.


Thank you so much for your reply (sorry to thank you late - I have been away)

All the guidelines I can find seem to suggest extremely small file-sizes for kindle books and I was rather assuming they are out of date. Information seems very sparse.

Having written this (and in case it is useful to anyone else) I have just discovered that if you are on Amazon’s 70% royalty, they charge $0.15 (and the equivalent in most countries) per mb in “fees”. This means that if one does not use pretty low-res pictures the thing becomes ridiculous anyway.

Rather odd to make a high-res color machine primarily for reading eBooks and then make sure people won’t play to its strengths. But there we are.