Won't compile titles...

I’m getting the “This file is not a Scrivener file…” message that everyone else reported when I try to open my project. I can get it to open by using Open Recent, but when I Compile to .mobi or .epub it does not compile folder or file titles as it did before. I use folder titles for Chapter headings. Now, all my chapters have no headings.

Can you please make the previous version available until you get these bugs worked out?

The previous version is always available, check the release notes web page.

The work-around for the loading bug is to leave Scrivener open. Best way to do this is to check off the option that opens the New Project panel when you close a project window. That way there is always something open and the next time you double-click on a shortcut or .scrivx it’ll work.

I don’t think these two things are combined issues, however. That would be very unlikely.

What do your compile settings look like in the Formatting compile option pane? That’s where titles come from.

I got this part to work by fiddling with the Contents and Formatting settings. Somehow you changed how that works. Maybe ought to let us know when you’ve done that.

Hmm, I can’t think of anything that changed in those places that would impact this. It’s hard to say without knowing how you had things set up, vs. how they are set up now. If you can recall what you had to adjust I’ll look into it.

Amber, I tried to reconstruct it, but since I got it working again, I don’t know what I did. :neutral_face: My guess is I was doing something wrong that happened to work okay in the previous version. Thanks for looking into it.

Are you using a title prefix or suffix exclusively to generate titles, rather than using the binder titles? The initial 1.2.1 release had a bug in it where if the Title flag was disabled, the prefix/suffix wouldn’t show up either. So formatting settings where one would have a generic list of “Chapter One; Chapter Two; …” style titles would fail. This bug has since been fixed though—so if you’ve updated since the initial upgrade you would see things return to how they used to work.

That was the problem. I had 1.2.0. Now I have 1.2.3, and it works okay. I’m still, however getting the “This file is not a Scrivener file…” message when I click on a valid .scriv file. I tried creating a minimal project from scratch, and it does the same thing.

Yeah, we didn’t fix everything, just a few of the biggies. :slight_smile: That one is high on the list though, should be soon.