Won't compile to word doc

Hi I’m trialing scrivener while I write my new novel. Won’t compile to a word doc.

When compiling to a word doc it just shows the compile bar, the percentage goes up, it completes, then it opens another compile bar and the percentage goes up and then it completes and then it does this again and again, over and over if I let it.

But it never saves or completes a save of a word doc.


Windows 8.1, laptop. Newest downloadable version of Scrivener.

Note: It compiles .rtf files, .epub files, .mobi files, but just not word .doc or docxx files. Just will keep running forever, over and over again.

Hints? Tips?



There are a few different converters available for the .doc format. Please go to Tools > Options… and click the Import/Export tab, then the “Export Converters…” button. Select “DOC” from the drop-down menu on the left. What is shown then in the right drop-down menu–“Microsoft Office”? I’d try choosing “RTF-Based” from the menu on the right if that’s not already selected. For DOCX, try the “Scrivener” option.

Once you’ve set each converter, click OK out of that window and then OK to close Options and try the compile again. Hopefully that’s all you need to get it working, but if it’s still doing the spin, try restarting the computer. If previously you were using the Microsoft Office converters, there may have been a problem accessing Word’s libraries with that which is still causing trouble (it can cause documents loaded in Word to appear blank, too) and rebooting will fix that.