Won't download

I just purchased this today and I can not get it to download. It keeps saying Failed. Network Error. Can I fix this and if not how do I return it?

I was able to download the Scrivener for Windows installer file three times just now, via the Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome web browsers.

That suggests the issue is on your computer, rather than with the Scrivener installer file being downloaded.

A Google search on “failed network error” suggests the problem is likely with your web browser, which likely is Chrome. The fix likely involves emptying the browser’s cache and restarting the browser. For specifics, do the above Google search and review the articles it turns up.

A less likely possibility might be the anti-virus you are running. Avast and BitDefender have been reported in these forums as being problematic relative to Scrivener. A search of these forums on “avast bitdefender” will turn up discussions of this.

As far as the Scrivener download, the location and serial number is included in the purchase confirmation you presumably received. Alternately, Scrivener can be downloaded from the product page literatureandlatte.com/scrivener … atform=win Click on “Download for Windows” in the upper right corner. Once downloaded, run the install, then run Scrivener, and in Scrivener enter the serial number provided in the purchase confirmation.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you might directly contact Scrivener tech support as discussed here literatureandlatte.com/support.php#section-email

Hope that is of some assistance.

Not the OP, but thank you! I thought I was going to throw my computer across the room last night. I left it on all night, thinking it might eventually download, but no. Found this post, switched browsers, and it downloaded faster than I wrote this! :smiley: