Won't install

I click on “run” and it downloads a lot of data, but once the download is complete, nothing happens. There is no message or anything. The Download Box closes, and it’s as if nothing ever happened.

I bought my laptop about 6 months ago and it came with Windows Vista Home Basics, so I wouldn’t have thought I’d have any problems with installation. Is there anything else I should be doing?
Thank you.
PS: Keep up the good work. I previously used the Mac version and am a huge fan. I’ll definitely be one of the first buyers of the full Windows version (provided it will run :slight_smile:).

Hi tweepypie,

You may have already resolved this issue, but if not, try just saving the .exe file and then opening and running it once it’s downloaded, rather than choosing “run” when you first click the download link. That should work for you.

(You may want to run a search on Windows for “Scrivener-023-installer.exe” first though, as the file may be downloaded somewhere already–not sure what the default location is for Vista.)